What Makes Chap-Snap Different

Avid sports fans, runners, and bicyclists know that keeping yourself healthy and feeling good is the key to a great experience and peak performance! However, if you’re dealing with dry, chapped, or cracking lips, your discomfort can throw off your entire groove. If you’re in winter sports, you know that you can even end up bleeding without using lip balm or chapstick while out in the snow. Instead of dealing with this, Chap-Snap is here to help by making it easier than ever to keep your chapstick easily accessible when you might otherwise not have pockets to hold onto it!

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Wear It Anywhere

The Chap-Snap is designed with a velcro strap and high-quality elastic to allow you to comfortably secure your chapstick just about anywhere! Attach it to your bike handlebar, your arm while you run, your wrist while you golf, or anywhere else it’s comfortable and convenient to keep your chapstick while you enjoy yourself.


Take Control of How You Feel

When it comes to keeping yourself feeling great and performing at your peak, the little details can make all the difference. Whether you’re working out and don’t have pockets, you’re running and don’t want to mess up your rhythm, or you’re biking and can’t reach your back pouch easily, the Chap-Snap will allow you to reach your chapstick or lip balm easily to keep you feeling great.


Ensures Easy Use

Securing your chapstick in the Chap-Snap is a no-brainer, simply pop the top end of it into the lid holder. Attaching your Chap-Snap is just as easy; the velcro and elastic strap makes it easy to use it just about anywhere, too! Now, you can have your chapstick easily accessible without digging through your pockets while biking or dropping your balm while you’re running.


Designed With You In Mind!

The Chap-Snap is about more than just convenience. It was designed by an avid sports enthusiast for other sports enthusiasts like yourself! Chap-Snap was created to help runners, bicyclists, golfers, football players, and anyone else who needs to keep chapstick on hand without pockets, digging, or dropping.

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